‘Time table with memory holes’

sculptural video installation

based upon a lost photograph from a family album taken during nazi Germany / connecting and collecting center

'Fictional Reality In The Garden Of Delights'


Digitally composed landscape after Hieronymus Bosch based upon photography existing in various forms: video, fine art prints and installation.

Maria Was Here

Sculptural video installation

Video installation based upon a painting by Dutch painter Lucas Gassel (1490 - 1568), in particular 'Escape to Egypt'. The installation elaborates on 'Maria' as a child bride in a war zone within the patriarchal system, linking it to current times. Worked out through performances and interactions with the artists daughter, a 14 year old teenager at the time. Connected to the installation: a fund raiser 'Stop child marriages' for Plan International. During its first presentation at cacaofabriek Helmond 600,00 euro's were donated.

'At the linen Closet'

digital / installation

Digitally composed image, various presentation forms

‘Tent’ (III)

Sculptural light installation

Various settings

Almost Natural

Sculptural multimedia installation

Historical context, background and intentions

'The Columbarium'

multi media installation


the project


Interactive installation / environment

Based upon 942 photographs of sky and a small strip of rooftops. Interaction is based on surrounding environmental sounds audible inside. The work concretizes the connection between inside and outside, observation and sound. Visitors slowly become aware of their own part. The more noise, the less image. The visitor confronted with the bare space, each other, the self.

'Tent' (I)


Canvas, paint, photography, projection, incense, audio.

'Two Towers'

projection table, mirrors, rubble

Sculptural installation, 2015


glass sculpture


'The Garden of Delights - (re)united'

Mini installation

inspired by Hieronymus Bosch, 2015


artist book / site specific

Artist book after situation


& environments

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& digital images

Photography is the most direct way to translate aspects of reality into still images. Lots of my photographs come into existence, while moving through space and time. I connect to the landscape during travels and use photography to fathom the scenery through a sequence of moments, concentrating on every aspect of my surrounding, mapping it bit by bit...




het landschap, de dingen en het zelf

Chinese Ink Paintings

Various ongoing series

Being somewhere and relating to that



performance/ video / sound / installation

Red Earth


Digital / photography

Digital Gardening


ongoing cycle of intertwining digital series