Digital Gardening

The project

The 'Digital Gardening Project' is an ongoing cycle of intertwining series of images created by digitally 'processing' existing images and information, coming to us in daily life, through social and other media. Sometimes combined with photographs related to personal happenings in daily life. More about the history and development HERE

'Corona Virus in The Garden'

This series comes in line with the 'Deadly Viruses' in 'The Melting Permafrost' series from 2018. The works are available in a limited edition of 100 (A4 size paper, office jet print, signed). Price is 35 Euro's each plus shipment costs. Order by sending an email. many available through studio visit (please contact by mail).

You find all the online available prints here HERE

Image: 'Corona Virus' in 'The Garden' NR 0605

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