Photo based digital work after actual situations or events.

A selection of digitally modified photographic work within my multidisciplinary art praxis.


A series of photo based digital paintings after a site specific intervention. In this series the original photograph of a niche is given a different skin with each alteration. That way the niche seems to contain or express different emotions. The work was inspired by the change of light which influences our perception regarding the same scene. These small artworks are bound in a square photo paper booklet (10 x 10 cm).



Original photo taken during an artist residency with the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen (China). The box is actually a mirrored half of the image, creating a plausible second reality which in this setup represents an inescapable situation in itself. This alteration creates a completeness that encompasses a reality mirrored to itself and in a subtle way, reflecting on circumstances in China.

A small version of this work was presented as part of total installation '40 Titles' (I) in the gallery of CEAC (2014).

In 2015 a large version was part of total installation '40 Titles II', Cacaofabriek, Helmond, NL.

2018 - 2018 during solo exhibition 'A moment in the process', Academisch Genootschap, Eindhoven.

Two Sides

Here the situation is photographed from two sides, brought together as one. This way the compilation seems to represent a corner, placing the objects on the outside, suggesting the possibility to get around the situation. Looking closely you can see it’s merely an illusion.

Red Garden Series

A series of digitally modified photographs reflecting on the lanscape and city of Xiamen in an experimental way, like tokens for the city. The work is presented in photo frames with acrylic finish, arranged like family photos or meaningful life events.

The ‘arrangement’ was first part of total installation '40 Titles' (I) at the gallery of CEAC in Xiamen, China, 2014. In 2015 they were part of sculptural multi media installation 'The Columbarium’ in which they were placed on a big structure of tables that represented housing structures and the lives inside of the city.

The works are however separately available as prints in all sizes.

2018 - 2019, this particular one was presented during the first retrospective exhibition of the artist: 'A moment in the process', taking place at 'Academisch Genootschap', Eindhoven, NL.

The works are however separately available as prints in all sizes.

Red River

Before the Red Garden series and prior to the residency at CEAC came the ‘Red River’ diptych.

Digitally formed spirals deform the original, depicting a red coloured, probably polluted Chinese river. The photo was taken by a concerned local resident and circles the internet for years now. Here the alteration provides a literal representation of the polluting mix that takes place and is caught in the photograph: red dye in water. At the same time, the spiral is a shape of the infinite circle, one of the oldest human symbols; that of circulation and awareness about it. The act of altering the original image reinforces what’s taking place and at the same time reminds of interconnection.

'Red River' (I) shows the spiral in its origin within the given of earthly existence. In 'Red River' (II) various circles have been elaborated and placed together, creating a landscape that refers to the cosmic connection the concepts and realisation of sculptural installation 'Move' and actual installation 'Nadir’ which is a continuation of the dismantling of the previous. The image was found during research for project '40 Titles’, of which ‘Red River’ is also part.

Move - Deconstruct

In between ‘Move’ and ‘Nadir’ various photographs of the dismantling of the installation were worked out digitally. The red pigment was scraped from the floor and collected. Just like the red mopping water. Photographs of the dismantling of the installation became the canvas for new propositions. The several stages were continuously digitally altered, until it’s origin became unknown and started to become a cosmic world in its own. The focus was completely on the creative process. A series of successive changing images emerged. Placed in a sequence it resulted in a video, reflecting an imaginary world an imaginary cosmic situation.

The video was presented alongside actual installation ‘Nadir’, a slowly melting ice object, created out of the frozen mopping water, shaped in the form of the small buckets in which it was frozen and kept after dismantling.

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Red Earth

During the residency in Xiamen, China, which was a result of a self initiated research project concerning intercontinental relationships regarding trade, wealth and socio-political realities, this triptych came into existence. It comes in line with previous series and projects. Here digital modification is used to visualise hidden powers and structures and tangible tensions related to that.

'Red Earth' first was presented during exhibition '40 Titles' in the gallery of CEAC in Xiamen, 2014. Later in total installation '40 Titles II' (Cacaofabriek, NL, 2015) one photograph was replaced by 'The Entrance' (II), now lare large works on perspex. Click here for large version

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