Video & Sound

Video (installations) and sound based works

Video's above: selection from the body of work. Below: short introduction to my animations.


My videos come as independent works, as part of or integrated in an installation or as part of a sculpture. Sometimes they are the result of an observation, other times they are created digitally as animation. I also use video to create abstract art films.


To me, deconstruction is a way to understand. At the same time I create different and new existing out of this material. During the process I build up images comparable to the way paintings are build up. Digital media enables to alter and reproduce endlessly. This allows me to create a great number of varieties which al together represent a certain development. At the same time each stage reflects an autonomous state of being. I'm looking for the point when a powerful metamorphosis has occurred and the image represents a certain balance in accordance with my intentions. They're often part of sculptural installations.

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