The Circle

video installation

The circle as a form is a recurring theme in my work.

Here presented as part of total installation 'Wel Kom' / 'WELL COME', 2015.


'The Circle' here relates to abstract thinking in relation to a closed social structure. The installation exists of a physical part in the form of a circle of nine chairs, facing each other...


... in relation to a digitally composed video of an abstract digital animation of yellow squares in a circle, representing the actual circle of chairs. An abstract drawing of the circle evolves into a simulated organic process concerning the closed structure by means of deconstruction.

The 'Wel Kom' solo exhibition meaning 'Do Come' was actually another total installation in which various works were shown in conjunction with each other and with refugee politics.

It was build up in such a way that the different elements linked together, using the unique features of the spaces, a former car garage with a large display window. The reflections of the many glass walls reflected the works next to and in each other. As a different point of view was received, the interaction between the works changed, so that constantly changing connections could surface.

Photo: reflection of 'The Circle' (video) together with sculptural installation 'Two Towers' and photographic work 'Two Towers' (Nightview series) in the background.

Click for the exhibition

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