Time Table With Memory Holes

Sculptural video installation

The installation addresses the role of personal photo-archives within the collective memory related to historical events. It's basic material existence involves digital animation and projection on a table with holes. Yet, it aims to be a connecting station for other artworks and related projects, inviting people to become involved...

← Concept design for the installation: digital drawings processed into animation, projected on a dinner table with holes.

The work is based upon the loss of a deliberately damaged family photograph, seen as a child depicting a dinner scene in Nazi Germany during the second world war.

'Time Table With Memory Holes'

Installation during 'The Long Now at Artspace Flipside in Eindhoven, NL. The exhibition adressed notions of transience and permanence, the concept of time and time perception.

Curater: Maartje Bertens

'Proposal for an idea'

concerning 'Time Table With Memory Holes' as a 'Connecting & Collecting Center' (click here)

Still / animation, 2015

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