Sculptural installation

Construction of 2 washing racks, red clothes, egg tempera 'red earth'. First realised for exhibition 'Rood' (Red), WG Kunst, Amsterdam, 2013.


The installation is based upon a construction of two horizontally mirroring washing racks and red clothes. It comes in line with a series of works from the '40 Titles' project that started with video & installation 'Made in in China'. (Click here)

The red clothes in Move' cannot be experienced separately from the red mark on the floor that arose after the sculpture was moved. It seems as if the color has dripped from the clothes. When Working on the concept of the installation I had a naturally formed line in landscape in mind, like a stream. I was thinking about Chinese water color paintings and a landscape of water mills that control the water used to color clothes.

But as I was experimenting with the construction and draping the clothes I used a rather sensitive approach which enabled me to work towards a multi layered work and I was able to evoke all kinds of associations by also focusing on details. By choosing garments and fabric very carefully and draping them in a particular way in a particular place, we sense human bodies or parts in this sculpture. There's also a lot of power in the form of the construction.

When the egg tempera is still wet it offers a rather dramatic spectacle. When it dries out and the reflection is gone it still offers that drama but then more in a past sense.

The notions that enter the body while experiencing the installation change with every angle from which it is approached.

Total installation '40 Titles II', Cacaofabriek, 2015

Move / Deconstruct

concept / process / action / performance

Dismantling sculptural installation 'Move' was treated as a creative act itself and various stages were documented. Like scraping the red earth pigment from the floor and mopping it afterwards, keeping the mop water in little containers and preserving by freezing. This material was worked out in installation 'Nadir' in which the frozen water found it's way, dripping down hanging from the ceiling.

I was looking for a way to visualise mind processes in relation to the natural processes occuring during the dismantling using the photographic representations of the happening. The photographs taken during the process became canvases for that. Sometimes the process of alteration leads to a continuous process. That way my digital animations come into existence. It's also an act to experience creation and in this case it represents a playful artificial process that reminds of the images we have of the cosmic world. It functions as a transformation from the actual to the spiritual and vice versa. It questions and dares the hard lines that are drawn from the ratio that make our world only revolve around maximum growth and effectiveness while a sense of meaning and the attention for the moment and what is really important becomes lost in hard actions.


Audio visual sculptural installation in public space: introduction of red clothes as a material for installations. More (click)


Actual art installation following 'Move'.

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