Triple Jump

(Interactive) Installation

First installation in an ongoing line of projects and works starting 1996, addressing human aspects within the harsh realities of ’nation states’ with a focus on identity, borders, power structures and geopolitical aspects in relation to (city) landscape. This one in particular was about the happenings in Srebrenica, concerning identity and the relationship with the fall of communism in eastern Europe.

‘Triple Jump’ (1996) was my first large connecting interactive installation, exceeding the borders of the inside and outside space, causing a visible and audible interaction. It consisted of various objects that held an aura of lost sentimental value. Like music records with folk songs, Lenin books with bullet holes, a trashed door, polaroid pictures, a toy sheep and a painting from a second hand shop of the Mostar bridge that was bombed three years before, during the war in former Yugoslavia. All together it formed a landscape stretching through the entire exhibition space, connecting all other art works displayed, including that of the other participants I had asked to join the exhibition. In between these objects, including a mini installation created out of a record player, spot light bulbs were placed, lying on a plate. They lit up through the sounds of the city outside: this entered the space softly through a speaker. Outside, three objects in a small showcase attached to the building, got illuminated through the sound produced inside.


It is now part of 'sculptural video installation 'Time Table With Memory Holes'. This work is a center piece in my work. It also functions as a manifestation for the idea of a 'Connecting & Collecting Center'. Click here for more

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