Work that exists within the context of the actual and the presented, or anything that might happen in between and afterwards.

The Address

Photo sculpture click here for more

Table Puzzle | Black - White

A variety of resembling puzzle pieces on a coffee table.

Pieces of 'Ascending and Descending' by MC Escher

Drawing Connections

collage / actual: 10x15 cm, oil chalk, coffee, paper

Series of drawings in which the connection between matter and the act of drawing is made concrete. The lines become visible through the movement of the hand that passes over the texture of a stony background with the drawing material (oil chalk). The dots that appear on the paper are interconnected by the action. Action and object are directly related to each other. By applying different drawing techniques, an image that appeals to the imagination is created. It is the mimicry of nature itself. On the paper are also prints of a cup of coffee that was drunk during the production process. This technique was eagerly applied by the German surrealist painter Max Ernst. The big difference with these drawings is that in these paintings it served to create a certain texture as a visual element in the scenes he created. In these drawings, however, it is about action and connection itself.

The idea came with the theme of 'connecting', which is also characteristic of the way in which 'a whole' is created, regarding the artsists oeuvre; from a great freedom in terms of medium and techniques and various different projects, each of which has an independent cohesion, but also as a sub-project for the ever expanding and increasingly converging whole. In this case, the work arose from reflections on the working title of the 'Drawing Connections' project of the Siena Art Institute (Italy), where a work from the series was exhibited in a group exhibition and is now part of the permanent collection.

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Auto Completion I & II

2x 15x15 cm, inktjet print / paper, correction fluid

Search engine generated content, processed into drawing / painting.

"...The space between a collection of existing forms, necessary to be recognized as separate individual objects and the total space they take up, including the necessary space around them to experience them as a whole defines, together with the way the arrangement is designed, the shape of the platform they are presented in..."

link: about 'connecting platforms'

Autocompletion was exhibited at the Richmond Art Gallery, Canada. Click here

Connected & Disconnected landscape

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Roter Faden / Leitmotiv

12 panels, A4 format, photo print / perspex

Twelve positions of frayed red colored textile, dropped by hand.

Digital Dust

Photo based digital drawing related to glass sculpture 'Omega'. click here for more

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