Tent II & III

sculptural light installation

Material: table cloth, chairs, electric light

Tent II

'Tent II' came into existence during solo exhibition 'Wel Kom' (Tankstation, Enschede, 2015), meaning 'welcome' and 'do come'. Here it was presented as part of a large total installation. 'Do Come' relates to the refugee crisis as a result of the war in Syria. The word was written on the large windows facing passers-by. The installation stands on its own however. The context doesn't changes anything about the work in this case. Even more: the work enhances the concept of the total installation.

The first sculptural installation 'Tent' is a room filling sculptural video installation using projection. Click here to go

Tent III

This sculptural light installation exists of 'Tent' II & III. 'Tent III' is much smaller and a different color. This one exists of children chairs.

The work was first installed as a site & event specific installation during exhibition '100% VROUW' in the 'Grote Kerk Alkmaar' oktober 2019. Click here for more

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