The Garden of Delights - (re)united

Mini installation existing of a screen print, passe-partout and glass lens.

Image and object unite into a certain completeness regarding the presented image and the surrounding: We find ourselves amidst, as part of the whole that is fused through the lens.

Transcending dimension

I translate two-dimensional images into three-dimensional work and create situations that reach further than the object itself. ’The Garden of Delights (re)united’ is a body that contains, receives, reflects and transcends at the same time. Like an organism.

Body of Concept

A lens covers a small screen print made after 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' by Jeroen Bosch. In my version of an early world the landscape (re)unites again: The empty vertical space in the middle corresponds with the space where the frame covers the original painting, so we cannot get the whole picture. And although in this version the landscape seems to grow back together again, the aspect of not being able to grasp everything at the same time, is embodied in a new way. One has to look real close, to see what’s happening in this small world and experience how this particle connects everything, reaching beyond its physical body. While trying to understand what meets the eye, we have to change position constantly. Doing so, we become confronted with the self.

Image, object and surrounding melt together into one completeness, amidst which we find ourselves. We see ourselves related to the whole. Trying to understand what meets the eye, we become confronted with the self. Everything takes place within an intertwining internal and external world.

Screen print /artist print / Limited edition. Commissioned by Grafisch Atelier, Den Bosch, 2015.

Available: if interested please contact.

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