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'The right to receive'

pencil, marker & typex on paper, A4

Concept drawing

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'Woman in pink'

Concept drawing on how to integrate framed photographic work into 'The Columbarium'

'For all I know'

This concept drawing contains several aspects of other works, like the hair, the plates and the red center piece: a melting ice object of 'Nadir'. The idea of two flags waving in opposite directions was used in 'The Columbarium’, after it came to life in the drawing.

The installation is in development...

Drawing Connections

collage / actual: 10x15 cm, oil chalk, coffee, paper

A series of drawings that came into existence related to an exhibition project by the Siena Art institute in Italy. Certain movements, represented by dots on paper, shaped by the underground (paving stone), where oil pencil and coffee cup touched paper.

One work is now part of the collection.

"...I'm always looking for ways to connect things..."

link: about 'connecting platforms'

Auto Completion I & II

2x 15x15 cm, inktjet print / paper, correction fluid

Search engine generated content, processed into drawing / painting.

"...The space between a collection of existing forms, necessary to be recognized as separate individual objects and the total space they take up, including the necessary space around them to experience them as a whole defines, together with the way the arrangement is designed, the shape of the platform they are presented in..."

link: about 'connecting platforms'

Roter Faden / Leitmotiv

12 panels, A4 format, photo print / perspex

Twelve positions of frayed red colored textile, dropped by hand.

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